I’ve had a few domains over the years, most with large hard to spell and harder to remember names.  The last two were so long that I had the occasional problems with web forms not accepting them.  I’ve recently been forced to change hosting firm, the old one was shutting down it’s private hosting service, and with the new service came a new .com domain if I wanted it.

So welcome to StormRook.com.  My new on-line home, hopefully with a shorter,  easier to remember name that will fit in all web forms and won’t be a pain to dictate over the phone.  I’ll be redirecting my old domains to here eventually and eventually retiring both them and their email addresses in favour of one based here.  The old domains and emails aren’t going any place for a while yet though, there’s still a year left on the registrations.

Any posts older than this one are carried over from older blogs.

Albert Einstein asked, “The question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I or the others crazy?”

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